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Meet  Peggy Knight

"I am committed to creating hair prostheses that enable everyone experiencing hair loss to lead a normal life  – to walk in the wind or play sports without worry.”


 What causes alopecia?

Foothold alopecia happens when there is injury to the scalp, where the hair is being pulled or scoured. Alopecia areata depicts going bald to a specific region.  It has various degrees of seriousness, so there may be only a coin-sized area of going bald on the scalp, or it could influence enormous regions. It can happen to any put on the body.

 How is alopecia treated?

Using supplements or by changing the eating regimen. Most importantly alopecia in all forms is usually permanent and leads to getting some form of a hairpiece.

Anybody can get alopecia. Alopecia areata can appear at whatever stage in life, from kids to grown-ups, and all kinds of people. In any case, influencing African Americans than white or Asian Americans’ almost certain. Around 1 million individuals in the US have alopecia areata. 

 Who does it influence?