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Peggy Knight Wigs brings the finest lace front wigs, natural hair wigs, premium European wigs, and real hair wigs for women right to Portland, Oregon, along with neighboring cities such as Milwaukie, Eugene, Salem, Cedar Hills, Cedar Mill, Beaverton, and Oak Grove. Portland, Oregon, nestled amid the scenic Columbia and Willamette rivers and framed by the majestic Mount Hood, is renowned for its expansive green spaces, including parks, forests, and captivating mountain vistas. Embracing its eco-friendliness and vibrant culture, Portland also boasts a thriving microbrewery and coffeehouse scene. 

If you’re part of the active lifestyle in the Portland area, Peggy Knight Wigs offers the perfect solution. Explore our range, including Peggy Knight Choice, Short Wigs, Medium Wigs, Long Wigs, Gripper Type Wigs, and Topette hairpieces, tailored to complement your unique style and needs.If you are active in the Portland area and need the best for your lifestyle we have the solution for you.  What is Portland Oregon Most Famous For? Portland, Oregon, is a vibrant and scenic city in the USA’s Pacific Northwest. The largest city in the state, it’s famed for its huge expanses of green space, from parks and forests to breathtaking mountain tops.  The wigs we provide are Peggy Knight Choice, Short Wigs, Medium Wigs, Long Wigs, Gripper Type Wigs, Topette hairpieces.

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At Peggy Knight Wigs, we prioritize dignity, compassion, professionalism, and expertise—all delivered right to the comfort and privacy of your own home. Our team consists of wig wearers ourselves, so we truly understand the needs and concerns of our customers. From sales to service and product training, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Whether you’re looking for premium European wigs or hairpieces, Peggy Knight Wigs and Peggy’s Choice have you covered, especially for those dealing with alopecia or medical hair loss. Our private, in-person hair wig consultations are available nationwide. With a wide selection of short, long, and medium wigs, you can choose the perfect option for yourself.

If you’re feeling concerned about hair loss or have already experienced it, rest assured that we are here to support you in finding the right solutions. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation with me or one of my team members, and let us help you through this journey.